About Us

Registered Massage Therapy Education

We are the founding colleges of registered massage therapy education in Ontario. As the pioneers of massage therapy education and training and leaders in growing and developing massage therapy as a credible career field we share a strong and proud heritage

70 Years of Experience

Our first college opened in 1946 in Ontario and for over 70 years we have played a pivotal role in pioneering the field of registered massage therapy education

Evolving Massage Profession

Our colleges have not only been instrumental in creating registered massage therapy education in Ontario but shaping and growing the profession that has evolved over the last several decades

Private Massage Therapy Training

We are the collective voice of the past and the future for private massage therapy training colleges and we are the passionate stewards of private massage therapy education, the students we educate and the patients our future students will serve

Resources for a Strong Future

In our current environment, it is no longer an option but a necessity for private registered massage therapy colleges to speak with a unified and strong voice on critical issues that affect the future of registered massage therapy education in Ontario


Our values represent who we are and speak for us

They inform and guide our commitment

We value and practice: Excellence, Respect, Collaboration, Integrity, Professionalism

The aim of education is the knowledge, not of facts, but of values

- William S. Burroughs


Not just a word or an idea. Excellence represents a commitment to providing the highest quality education available in the field today


The value that expresses our commitment to treat each other and all stakeholders in the profession with dignity and positive regard and to refrain from any and all practices that are discriminatory and disrespectful, intolerant and non-inclusive


The glue that cements us together; the desire and commitment to work together recognizing that we are stronger and better together, learning, sharing, and growing a collective future that we can all take pride in


The first word and the bottom line. Keeping our professional promise as educators to deliver today and tomorrow what we have promised and create the future that will demonstrate the efficacy and credibility of private postsecondary massage therapy education in Ontario


The value that expresses who we are as professional educators; responsible and accountable custodians of the public’s trust in private postsecondary education